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Page history last edited by Suantak 5 years, 9 months ago

Sizang Rural Area Communication Project.

(Connecting peoples ) - Connecting Those Who Need It Most


Let's start again and active 


The Vision :  your text will be come here



The Mission : your text will be come here




Basic Wireless networking

Router OS


Satellite Service for Myanmar? (non-technical page)


Outdoor Accesspoint-Wifi Station


Survey for GSM and WLAN installation in Siyin Region, Chin state, Burma (non-technical page)


Documents & Info Papers

* Some WLAN device lists for project (non-technical page)


Wireless Radio Site Survey Tools


Wifi Hardware Vendor & reseller lists (non-technical page)


Low Cost Computer for Sizang Villages (non-technical page)





Wireless Workshop Planning Template


Some International WLAN Community

  1. http://www.freifunk.net

Featured article topics/lists:


Point-to-Point Wireless Connection - Thuklai Village <-> Khua Sak Village

Low Cost Computer for Sizang Villages (non-technical page)





Making Connectivity Sustainable in Subsistence Economies





Comments (2)

khaipi said

at 4:36 pm on Feb 1, 2009

Dear All,

Pbwiki te nuai ah.. Sia project a tu http://freeburma.pbwiki.com/ ci in ka zak sia.. hi thei leh a dang URL ma zang nuam ma hi veang. FREEBURMA ci URL sia tawh ma ka register ma sa hi a, ka zak suak hi lel hi. Kua ma na zong en thei x tu hi sam. Ka Invite teng bek ma na tu sia URL hi bek thei tu hi. Ka Invite teng na tu sia URL sia... mi dang te tung a son leh la... SIM thei tu bek hi.
Sim thei sak nuam bua leh... ( Ei ma teng bek - members tu teng bek na - sim thei / edit thei tu hi nuam leang zong.. a piang thei ma hi.)

Tu sia ta na... Pbwiki te ma zak na nop lel a, a dang URL lai tu Data Export/Import na sep tu ma 5hours bang ma hun ki sam tu hi.
Nong sep pui zo tu uh le?

bang URL min a nei sak nuam tu ziam?

ICT4Sizang ( Information & Communication for Sizang) ?

khaipi said

at 4:37 pm on Feb 1, 2009

nong sep pui tu le ?
Just Copy and paste na sep tu hi bek lel zam.

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